The Singing Hat at The Haven Hotel

During the recent renovations at the hotel there was an inspection of the trees in the grounds.

One large and very old tree, next to the ballroom, was found to be unsafe.

As well as the fire in June 2015 the Kelly family were still reeling from the loss their beloved father, and head of the family, John Kelly in January 2014.

So the cutting of this particular tree, which held so many memories for them all, was another emotional blow to the family.

A chance remark from one of the builders about a tree sculpture of an angel, which had been created in the church yard in Fenor by local artist John Hayes, sparked an idea in the mind of Paul Kelly who took over as head chef from his father a few years ago, and since his passing has been running the hotel alongside his sister Sharon and brother Jason.

Paul contacted John and they decided to create a stunning memorial to the late John Kelly who loved music, wine, Boxer dogs and his jaguar cars. Who often had a tambourine in his hand and always had a hat on his head, and who could be heard ending many a fun night at The Haven with his rendition of “I did it my way”!

After weeks of carving and polishing John unveiled his beautiful creation, thought to be the second highest totem pole in Ireland and the British Isles.

It is a truly fitting tribute to the man who WAS The Haven Hotel for so many years.

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